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The reasons why you should choose Cisco

The Cisco Small Business portfolio has been designed to allow your business to affordably take advantage of the latest technologies, to help you reduce your overheads and boost productivity. Below are 6 reasons why you should choose Cisco

Reasons to choose Cisco

Miragetek have experienced account managers and engineers that understand the capabilities of Cisco products; we can put together a tailor made package that will connect your organisation to the people who matter the most, secure your data and protect your network from threats, and enable you to collaborate via Voice over IP, internal instant messaging and video conferencing.

If you could save your company money, or increase revenue, simply by implementing a Cisco solution, and that solution cost a fraction of what you were saving or making, would you be interested in learning more? If the answer is yes, please click on one of the Cisco Small Business sections to find out how we can help your business.

Our featured product range can help your company by:

  • Reducing your annual phone bill significantly by using Voice over IP (VoIP).
  • Improving communication with people that matter most to your business.
  • Reducing overheads such as travel, petrol and hotel costs.
  • Protecting your critical data and safeguarding yourself from costly attacks.
  • Improving network performance to allow for voice and video traffic.
  • Ensuring your IT budget is spent with future proofing in mind.
Cisco Routers & Switches

Routing & Switching

Cisco routers and switches have historically been expensive and cumbersome to work with; sure, they provide a rich set of features and reliability like no other manufacturer, but for far too long they have been perceived as being out of reach for small to medium sized businesses. Not anymore.

Cisco Security Appliance


What cost can your business place on having a secure network? If you've ever faced an attack and lost money as a result, you already understand the problem and hopefully are now secure from such dangers

Cisco Unified Communications

Unified Communication

The Cisco portfolio of Unified Communications products for small to medium sized business provide a comprehensive range of functionality for a price that's remarkably low given the rich feature set. Voice over IP (VoIP) and video are growing technologies; the uptake globally has been

Cisco Telepresence


Cisco telepresence is being adopted at a much quicker rate than ever before; it's not hard to see why when you understand that by 2013, video will account for over 91% of global consumer traffic. Businesses are starting to realise that telepresence has far more virtues than significantly reducing travel costs.

Cisco VoIP Phones


Are you really making the most of your data network? If you could utilise the investment you made on your network to allow you to save money on your phone bill, provide you with greater functionality, and increase company productivity, wouldn't you be interested in learning more about how Voice over IP (VoIP) can benefit your company?

Cisco SMARTnet Support


Miragetek have a fleet of trained engineers capable of providing service on your existing hardware; we also provide Cisco support for your small business and enterprise infrastructure. Our comprehensive range of support services mean you can think of Miragetek as the only company you need to deal with when it comes to fixing and maintaining the hardware and


Cisco Zero Percent Finance

Technology is a tool that's meant to enable your business by saving you money and increasing productivity; but there's a cost involved, and this has an effect on your cash flow.

Tying up valuable capital into your IT infrastructure, which could be better used to pay off your credit lines and take on new business opportunities, may not be the best way forward. Fear not, with Cisco you can have your cake and eat it too.

Find out about Miragetek Finance!

Did you know ...

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  • Miragetek supply Cisco hardware to public and private sector organisations throughout the UK."
  • We have a sales force that's specifically trained to put together bespoke IT solutions for your company."
  • Our product range can help reduce overheads and maximise productivity to ensure you're not wasting money."
  • We have outbound engineers throughout the UK capable of deploying small business and enterprise Cisco solutions."
  • Our Cisco engineers collectively have over 500 years worth experience working in the field, there's no job they can't tackle."

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