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Cisco Solutions Capital Finance - An Overview

Technology is a tool that's meant to enable your business by saving you money and increasing productivity; but there's a cost involved, and this has an effect on your cash flow.

Tying up valuable capital into your IT infrastructure, which could be better used to pay off your credit lines and take on new business opportunities, may not be the best way forward. Fear not, with Cisco you can have your cake and eat it too.

When you think about it, owning the equipment isn't what drives your business forward; it's making use of the equipment that's important, so why pay now when you could be using that money to help manage your cash flow better? Cisco finance offer a wide range of structured payment options; call our sales team on 0208 557 1227 to discuss which one is right for your company.

Cisco finance covers 100% of the hardware costs, it also covers service and support, and you can also use it for a small amount of enabling 3rd party hardware. There's 0% finance over 36 months on any Cisco solution under £200,000; so whether you just need a new phone system, or are making major upgrades to your network, speak to one of our specialist about Cisco finance today.

Did you know ...

  • Miragetek supply Cisco hardware to public and private sector organisations throughout the UK."
  • We have a sales force that's specifically trained to put together bespoke IT solutions for your company."
  • Our product range can help reduce overheads and maximise productivity to ensure you're not wasting money."
  • We have outbound engineers throughout the UK capable of deploying small business and enterprise Cisco solutions."
  • Our Cisco engineers collectively have over 500 years worth experience working in the field, there's no job they can't tackle."

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