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Cisco Routing & Switching Solutions for Small Business & Enterprise

Cisco routers and switches have historically been expensive and cumbersome to work with; sure, they provide a rich set of features and reliability like no other manufacturer, but for far too long they have been perceived as being out of reach for small to medium sized businesses. Not anymore.

Cisco Small Business Router

The Cisco small business Ethernet switches have many different options in terms of port density, features and performance, so no matter what your requirement is, there's a switch that's right for your business. Whether you're a small company with a handful of staff that simply wants to future proof your network to allow you to keep up with the technologies your clients and suppliers are using, or whether you're a medium sized business that's expanding and have found that your existing network is no longer capable of meeting your needs; there's now a Cisco switch available that fits your budget and gives you the performance and features you need.

The simplicity of the Cisco small business ranges of switches is clear to see; they come in managed and unmanaged versions that are configured easy via a web browser. No longer do you need a highly skilled engineer to write lines of IOS code; and if you still can't get to grips with it, Miragetek have engineers throughout the UK capable of understanding your specific set-up and configuring the hardware so it gives priority to the network traffic you deem most important.

Cisco router technology has come a long way over the last few decades; it's true that their enterprise routers are still second to none. Their small business range of routers are specifically designed for small to medium sized businesses looking to secure their network with a world class firewall and intrusion prevention system (IPS), perfect for remote access, web security and email. When you buy a Cisco small business router, you're making a long term investment as all bar the WRVS4400N come with a limited lifetime warranty.

Cisco Enterprise Router

Cisco Enterprise Switches & Routers

Miragetek has been assisting companies within the UK with their technology projects since our inception; we use Cisco Enterprise hardware wherever appropriate because it's the most reliable, durable and feature rich networking equipment. If your company has grown to the point where your network is holding you back in terms of being able to support the types and weight of traffic required, Cisco enterprise switches and routers will enable you to move your company forward and embrace the types of cutting edge technologies that boost company productivity and reduce overheads. Their modular based design helps future proof your network against emerging technologies, while also providing the flexibility that allows you to embrace different technologies today without having to replace your whole core infrastructure; nowadays it can be as simple as removing an expansion card and replacing it with another.

Picking the Cisco Enterprise solution that's right for your requirements can be a tough task even for savvy IT professionals, and with over 46,000 product lines, it can be hard to weigh the advantages of picking one Cisco solution over another. Miragetek have a pool of Cisco engineers that have been deploying enterprise class networks for decades; collectively our engineers have over 500 years experience working in the field. You can rely on us to come up with the best solution, starting from our expert sales force, to our network design team, through to our highly experienced engineers.


Cisco Zero Percent Finance

Technology is a tool that's meant to enable your business by saving you money and increasing productivity; but there's a cost involved, and this has an effect on your cash flow.

Tying up valuable capital into your IT infrastructure, which could be better used to pay off your credit lines and take on new business opportunities, may not be the best way forward. Fear not, with Cisco you can have your cake and eat it too.

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