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What cost can your business place on having a secure network? If you've ever faced an attack and lost money as a result, you already understand the problem and hopefully are now secure from such dangers.

Cyber crime is a real threat globally and your network should be fully protected against online attacks; the cost to your business could be considerable. In 2011, the Cabinet Office released a joint government and industry report that detailed the extent and cost of cyber crime to UK business, which was estimated to be £21 billion and suspected to be a great deal higher than estimated.

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Miragetek use the Cisco SA 500 and Cisco ASA 5500 security appliances to help secure your network from cyber attacks; we understand that the requirement for remote access is growing as the number of people working from home does too, you need the flexibility to utilise your network to facilitate a more diverse work culture, but also need peace of mind that you're keeping unwanted intruders out. Speak to our Cisco security specialists on 0208 557 1227 today to find out whether your network really is secure enough for your requirements.

Cisco ASA5505 Security Appliance

Whether you're a small business with confidential accounting records or client information, or whether you're an enterprise looking to protect your SAN database, we can tailor make a Cisco security solution that fits your company requirements and protects you from significant losses.

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