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Dell ProSupport Protects your IT Hardware

Miragetek understand a company is only as good as their after sales support; that's why we believe in Dell and their Pro Support offering.

Help Support Your Dell Infrastructure

We have a large number of engineers available to deploy your solution and make sure it's integrated into your existing infrastructure without any issues, no matter where you are in mainland UK. Dell also offer installation services and we can supply this as part of your quote. Both Miragetek and Dell Pro Support are here to make sure that you receive the level of support that ensures your business can perform with the bare minimum of downtime and get the most out of your IT infrastructure.

Pro Support has many benefits such as remote access and technical support over the phone, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to make sure that if you do need assistance, there's always a highly skilled technician available to speak to you and log into your network to diagnose and troubleshoot. They can even provide support on certain third party manufacturers. If Dell do find a problem that they can't fix via phone support or remote access, their two onsite options are next business day fix and 4 hour mission critical response and fix.

Dell Managed Services

Dell offer a wide variety of managed services designed to reduce overheads by saving your IT department valuable time maintaining your infrastructure, they help boost company productivity by enabling your staff to generate more revenue where operations are better streamlined and organised, they mitigate risk by facilitating best practices of your IT infrastructure and reducing the likelihood of undesirable situations like data loss and security breaches.

Dell can provide you with services such as the encryption of data for all your workers, whether that be in office, or a road warrior working on a laptop from a wifi hotspot. They can manage the backup and restoration of your computers and critical devices, minimising downtime and streamlining the impact this has on your network. Your emails will never be safer with Dell management services where they automatically block viruses and spam like content, you will never lose an email where everything is archived and can be retrieved within seconds.

No matter what you're IT concerns are, Dell have a managed solution that can meet your needs and simplify your operations. Call one of our sales representatives on 0208 557 1227 to discuss how Dell managed service can benefit your company.

Did you know ...

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  • Miragetek supply Dell hardware to public and private sector organisations throughout the UK."
  • We normally turn around our Dell quotes within 4 hours of confirming the exact specification you require."
  • We have a sales force that's specifically trained to put together bespoke IT solutions for your company."
  • Our product range can help reduce overheads and maximise productivity to ensure you're not wasting money."
  • We have outbound engineers throughout the UK capable of deploying small business solutions."

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