In 2001 HikVision was established, starting out as a small company with only 28 employees.

By 2003 they had already become the dominant force in terms of the supply of compression cards within China.

2007 saw them expand where they launched their first overseas branch in the US.

2008 was a landmark year; they gained widespread recognition for their contribution to the Olympic Games in Bejing.

In 2010, they announced an Initial Public Offering (IPO) on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SZSE).

Due to the success of their products within China, in 2011 they moved to a much bigger research and product facility, enabling them to cement their status as a major player in the CCTV arena.

In 2012, according to leading supplier of market research, IMS Research confirmed HikVision had grown to become the number one supplier of CCTV solutions and DVR equipment, also the 4th biggest supplier of analogue and IP based surveillance cameras, as well as the 7th biggest supplier of video management software.

Today, HikVision has grown into a globally recognised brand associated with high quality products as a result of the emphasis they place of research and development; in this respect, HikVision are like no other company that we have encoutered. They now employ over 8,000 staff worldwide and are worth $9.5 billion; they have a team of 2700 engineers that undertake the massive research and development that ensures HikVision is a brand that's known for being reliable and capable of keeping up with the fast changing trends in CCTV and surveillance technology.

Their hard work has seen them register 175 patents, which means when you buy HikVision, you're getting a product like no other. Miragetek have put their hardware and software through its paces and are happy to recommend HikVision as their vendor of choice.

HikVision Technologies:

HikVision are pioneering the way forward to a brighter and more feature rich experience; thanks to their heavy emphasis on research and development, they have come up with a number of ways to employ new technologies and algorithms that help make their products some of the very best around.

Some of the more notable advancements they have made to CCTV technology are ...

HikVision Video Recorders

There are three main types of video recorder that HikVision produce; the Network Video Recorder (NVR), the Digital Video Recorder (DVR) and the Hybrid Video Recorder.

According to IMS Research, HikVision are the number one supplier of DVR recorders in China, most likely because their feature set is so rich, plus the amount of money they invest into research and development means that they ...

HikVision Cameras

HikVision boast a wide range of both analogue and network cameras, with a multitude of different options available; so no matter what size budget you're working with, there's a suitable camera for your requirements.

The entire HikVision camera range have a sleek design without compromising on durability; they make a number of different types such as the box camera, indoor dome camera, outdoor dome camera, minidome camera and the bullet camera ...

Did you know...

  • With over 2700 engineers, HikVision have the largest research and development team in the whole of the CCTV industry. This represents over 30% of their overall manpower."
  • HikVision have large scale deployments within the transportation sector, ranging from the London Public Transportation System to the Nuremberg Railway Station in Germany and the Beijing Subway in China."
  • According to a study undertaken by IMS Research in 2012, HikVision are the number one supplier of CCTV and DVR products globally."
  • Their manufacturing facility in China spans over a million square feet! Over 30% of their staff work within their supply chain, meaning most items are usually in stock and only need to be shipped from their warehouses in the Netherlands or HQ in China."

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