Veeam Management Pack

The Benefits of Using the Veeam Management Pack

If you're an IT professional with a company using System Center Operations Manager and VMware, the Veeam Management Pack (MP) is very much worthy of consideration.

Have you ever wanted to have the ability to manage VMware via Microsoft System Center? Look no further; the Veeam Management Pack extends the capabilities of System Center so that it can monitor VMware too.

Veeam Management Pack for VMware

The thought of having to monitor your entire virtual infrastructure via multiple interfaces just because Microsoft System Center doesn't have this capability is quite a big setback; Veeam recognised this fact and have designed the Veeam Management Pack to address this issue. No longer will you need to interface with more than one piece of software in order to get an accurate picture of whether your virtualised environment is working properly.

There are many benefits of using the Veeam Management Pack; view your infrastructure like never before with comprehensive reports and detailed topology diagrams, monitor your physical machines, your virtual machines, your business critical applications and the services that keep your business running smoothly, take a more professional approach to handling the need for increased capacity by taking advantage of the informative reports that can be produced, make good use of the built in tutorials that come as standard and are designed to help you minimise the time it takes to troubleshoot your pool of VMware based virtual machines.

There are other software solutions available that are capable of doing similar things, but the Veeam Management Pack (MP) stands head and shoulders above them all, and it's not hard to see why. Bridgeways has some useful features, but the fact that there are no monitors or rules in order to raise vCenter event alerts is a big negative. Quest QMX has not kept up with the times, and as a result, is now considered old and not very user friendly. Quest vFoglight is a smart piece of software, but it's also quite expensive and doesn't integrate as seamlessly.

While there are a few different products that can be used, we believe the Veeam Management Pack is the perfect choice for anyone currently using Microsoft System Center with VMware. If you'd like to learn more about this product, please speak to one of our Veeam representatives today on 0208 557 1227.

Did you know ...

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  • With Veeam Management Pack you can manage VMware via the Microsoft System Center."
  • No need to interface with multiple software to get an accurate picture of your virtualised environment, Veeam Management Pack looks after it all."
  • Run comprehensive reports and detailed topology diagrams, monitor physical machines, virtual machines, business critical applications all through this one pack."
  • Veeam Management Pack is the perfect choice for anyone currently using Microsoft System Center with VMware."

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