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The VMware vCenter Operations Management Suite, allows you to guarantee a high level of service and efficiency for your cloud infrastructure, and uninterrupted compliance for the applications that are crucial to your organisation.

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It enables you to monitor the wellbeing and performance of your IT infrastructure via one simple interface, making even the most cumbersome of monitoring tasks very easy to manage.

When you use vCenter, you are guaranteed the following:

  • High levels of automation - research undertaken by Forrester concludes that using vCenter Operations Management Suite translates to a shade under 70% gain in productivity, and it typically uses around 30% less resources. Thanks to the intuitive and patented technologies that VMware have built into vCenter, their software continually learns while on the job and reacts in such a way so that it can help save you time and effort by automating the jobs that need automation; they just do it better than anyone else.
  • Effortless integration - manage your environment in a holistic manner and adopt an approach to configuration, storage management and utilisation of resources that's completely integrated; vCenter gives you peace of mind where their Operations Management Suite works in even the most diverse and challenging infrastructures.
  • Comprehensive capabilities - Build yourself a dynamic and feature rich cloud infrastructure; monitor your environment with a world class suite of tools. Whether you're a small business dipping your toe into the world of virtualisation for the first time, or you're a mid sized organisation that's growing into an enterprise and in need an overhaul to bring your technology in line with your growth, know that vCenter has everything you need and no matter what size your company is, you will never sacrifice on functionality.
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Get the sort of visibility into your core services and infrastructure like you have never had before, gain a true understanding of how your environment is performing, learn about problems sooner than you've ever known before, equip yourself with a truly world class monitoring system, capable of self learning and built on a foundation of VMware patented technologies.

Did you know ...

  • VMware have their headquarters in Palo Alto, California; they also have over 100 offices spread across the globe. Wherever you are in the world, you're likely to be surrounded by companies that can help take you to the next level."
  • VMware was founded in 1998 with just 5 staff members on the payroll. By 2005, the company had grown to over 1,500 employees, and in 2012 they had over 13,000 employees. Their future is looking bright."
  • You can help improve your carbon footprint by jumping on the virtualisation bandwagon; consolidate the number of servers you need, reduce your power consumption, your organisation can work greener than ever before."
  • Free up significant man hours and make the management of your IT infrastructure much less complex; VMware takes care of it all. Your workforce are unaffected by server outages, your IT department are empowered in terms of meeting their SLAs."

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