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The Benefits of vSphere Virtualisation

vSphere is the leading virtualisation platform for transitioning your datacentre over to the cloud and for building your cloud infrastructure. Know that your business critical applications will run seamlessly via vSphere, where more than 3,000 applications from over 1,650 independant software vendors have been tested.

Cloud Connected Devices

Reduce overheads by consolidating your servers; share your networking, processing and storage resources more effectively by running multiple virtual machines on one physical server. Minimise your downtime, reduce the likelyhood of costly hardware failures that lead to service outages and lengthy periods of unproductivity where your workforce are restricted due to lack of service. VMware is incredibly intelligent in the way it handles problems, meaning your workforce are relatively unexposed to any issues; from their point of view, it just works. Here's how it works.

Backing up your critical information has never been easier where all your virtual machines can be backed up via an automated process. vSphere vMotion helps with the seamless migration of your virtual machines from one server to another with absolutely no disruption in service; if you have ever had to wait until close of business in order to upgrade a server, your waiting days are coming to an end! vSphere High Availability ensures your workforce can continue to work even if a server goes down; it does this by detecting the failure and restarting the affected virtual machines on a different physical server. The power of VMware is clear.

vSphere is incredibly comprehensive in terms of the things it can do, but the installation and configuration is actually very simple; there are a number of easy-to-use wizards that help you build, manage and deploy your virtualised environment within a matter of minutes, all through a lovely GUI available via your web browser. The time it takes for the provisioning of new virtual machines and new applications to run on those virtual machines can be counted in minutes instead of weeks, freeing up valuable man hours within your IT department for more important and lucrative tasks.

If you haven't come across vSphere yet, why not speak to one of our VMware sales representatives on 0208 557 1227 so we can arrange a meeting at your site to discuss how VMware can boost productivity within your organisation whilst reducing your overheads.

Did you know ...

Virtualisation with VMware
  • VMware now have over 400,000 companies that use their product; adoption has been spread across small, medium and enterprise level customers. No matter what size your company is, their virtualisation platform can help you boost productivity and lower your overheads."
  • Virtualisation has been around since the 1960's; back then it took over 30 minutes to boot a virtualised machine and the hardware was not only very expensive, but also took up a lot of space. Nowadays, virtualisation has been refined and is a very smart option for anyone looking to get the most out of their existing IT infrastructure."
  • VMware is capable of running business critical legacy applications, so if the software that runs your company only works on Windows XP, you will still be able to use it."

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