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vCloud Has Many Positive Attributes

vCloud is comprised of many components; as a collective they are designed help reduce the time-to-market for IT based projects by improving organisational efficiency and reducing technology costs. vCloud provides fast access to IT resources, without compromising on security or management of your datacentre.

The secret of vClouds success is due to it having the following characteristics:

  • Standardised - Runs on existing x86 based servers, utilising them far more efficiently than traditional implementations; virtual machines are portable, so if there's a problem with one physical server, all of the affected virtual machines are automatically transferred onto another x86 machine. It no longer matters which operating system or resources are installed or connected to any particular server, VMware takes care of everything so you don't have to.
  • Holistic - Designed to handle all sizes and types of workloads within the datacentre, taking care of every single part of the fabric seamlessly and intuitively.
  • Adaptive - Capable of adapting to changing demands from applications; vCloud learns how to make best use of your resources based on current and predicted changes throughout the day.
  • Automated - Make significant savings where everything is so automated under vCloud; manage your corporate framework with very little effort required and virtually no need for scriptiing in order to patch things together. With vCloud, not only does it 'just work', it works in a very intellingent, adaptive and automated manner.
  • Resilient - vCloud is resilient because it uses a software based architecture, which means that hardware is no longer as much of a threat to the successful operation of your datacentre and mission critical applications. So long as you have enough x86 tin, and it really doesn't need that much of it, hardware issues will never affect your workforce productivity where vCloud provides such resiliency. If one server dies, the virtual machines are simply transferred and restarted on another server, and the pools of resources are recalculated to give you optimum performance.
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If you would like the ability to intelligently manage and supervise your IT infrastructure, whilst retaining high levels of availability and not compromising on protection against disaster, all the time aiming to tweak out the greatest performance levels and the smallest amount of resource wastage, then it's worth speaking to one of our VMware advisors on 0208 557 1227 who can assist you in identifying the positive impact virtualisation can have on your organisation.

Did you know ...

Virtualisation with VMware
  • VMware have their headquarters in Palo Alto, California; they also have over 100 offices spread across the globe. Wherever you are in the world, you're likely to be surrounded by companies that can help take you to the next level."
  • VMware was founded in 1998 with just 5 staff members on the payroll. By 2005, the company had grown to over 1,500 employees, and in 2012 they had over 13,000 employees. Their future is looking bright."
  • You can help improve your carbon footprint by jumping on the virtualisation bandwagon; consolidate the number of servers you need, reduce your power consumption, your organisation can work greener than ever before."
  • Free up significant man hours and make the management of your IT infrastructure much less complex; VMware takes care of it all. Your workforce are unaffected by server outages, your IT department are empowered in terms of meeting their SLAs."

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